Friday, 10 June 2016


I still remember the day when I entered my classroom, quite scared as I was stepping into the classroom where everyone are unknown. My journey in Little Flower Girls high School began in 2004 and has been memorable since then.

The school has not only opened new doors but taught me how to glide through  the journey of life by making me not only a student but making me composed, sensitive, pensive and responsible human being. LFVM is a wonderful place to discover oneself as an All Rounder, a school that epitomizes education as an melange of a academic and co-curricular activities and a school that is always buzzing  with activities.

When I think back about the course of my life and the direction it has taken , considering all the aspects that have influenced me, LFVM  is the most memorable time where the foundation was laid for my good  life. and good career.

Every segment of my school had its own heartbeat, sense of humor, struggles and shared stories, After spending over 7 years with in incredible group of people, it's now tough to realize we'll never be together in the exact same way again.

I have seen myself growing consistently  even after my school life. My transition was facilitated by the myriad life lessons i have learned from those special teachers. Honestly, it would be hard to narrow it down to a single person. My heart filled with gratitude to Mathematics and English Teachers for inspiring, motivating and encouraging me, as they remained my favorite subjects till today!
In my opinion, my school helped students grow into good people, well rounded, critical thinkers who love to learn!!! especially I can proudly say I am a better person because of "LFVM".

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