Friday, 10 June 2016

INDIA- Hopes of Development

As per to latest reports we can easily analyze the rapid growth of Indian GDP rate to 7.9 % in quater march. where the world's largest populated country is declining its GDP. When we come back to field of economic development both the countries are similarly placed in 20th century. But economic reforms that had been taken in 1978 made the country a lead of us. Today China is the second largest economy GDP of about $10 trillion which is almost 5 times of Indian economy according to latest reports.

There is no surprise that current slow down in china had an effect in the country economical investments. From the last seven years the GDP of china has declined.

India currently laid the way of future empowerment with huge development, technological investments and proved to be the home of science, power, talent, hard work. It considered to be as world fastest growing country.

According to latest reports India economy is was not enough to slow down the China. But if the growth of our country would be in the same way then we  can reach the stage as china felt globally in the year 2005. If India GDP rate reaches to two digit then it can be next china in very short time.

A HSBC report says that it tough to India to match china boost time but it could be possible when the government stays on boosting the investments and responsible for economic development.

The pick up in Indian country had led the company and global investors ask whether the country would replace china?, Yes I really hope the day comes true when our country becomes a complete developed country. Japan which is five times shorter than India had laid an interesting and powerful technical home and now it is our time to be the best and prove that we are also best...for any kind of competitions.

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