Friday, 10 June 2016

Before Parents But even before God

Even  God had been born from a mothers womb.....we always believe in saying :"Behind every successful man there is a woman". Yes, it is absolutely correct not only in just sayings, but also in activities......................

If S(he) isn't there
We don't know a word;
And if S(he) is here
We will win the whole world.
                  Her (his) place is after parents
                  and even before divinity
                  S(he) struggles with her (his) talents
                  to make society a high quality

S (he) has patience with
and take lot of pains;
S (he) mixes up with
to give us gains
                    S (he) doesn't live for loaves and fishes
                    Her (his) heart is in the right place;
                    S (he) works hard both at home and in classes
                    Oh!! What a domination role S (he) plays.
S (he) is amazing
S (he) is unusual
S (he) is more than super natural being
S (he) is forever cheerful

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