Friday, 10 June 2016

Making an effort

In our daily life we always make efforts to achieve our goals, to finish our work. But It is not putting efforts simply we should also where to put our efforts correctly.

Let me share a small example.......................

Once  a Giant ship engine failed, This ship owner tried one expert after another but not one of them could fix the engine.

They they brought an old man who had been fixing ships since he was young. He carried a large  too box with him. He inspected very carefully top to bottom. After looking all over the old man reached his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently taped something. The engine started immediately.

A week later he sent the bill to the owner. The owner was shocked to see the bill of ten thousand rupees. He was shocked and exclaimed. He hardly did anything! so they wrote to old man a note saying,"Please send me an itemized bill."

The old man sent the bill.
Tapping with the hammer ...Rs 2.00. Knowing where to tap :..........................Rs 9,998.00

The moral of the story is :"Effort is no double important, but knowing where to make an efffort in your life makes all differences."

The Fight Between good and bad

There are two types of  humans and they different types of behavior. But it depends upon us which you have to select to become a better person in the society.

During My childhood once I visited my grand pa house on the occasion of my holidays.

I asked my grand pa to tell a story then my grand pa said  he was going to tell a real story which is going on inside him.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two dangerous wolves." One wolf is evil and ugly. It is anger, envy, greed, self-pity, sorrow, regret, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false, superiority, selfishness and arrogance...

The other one is beautiful and good. He is friendly, joyful, peace, love, justice, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, fairness, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and gratitude.

This same fight is going on inside you and outside every human between good and bad..\\\

Then I paused in deep reflection because of my what my grand pa said and I asked who had won the fight..??

He then replied  "The one which you feed".

At that moment I didn't understand the last line, But today when I experience the same fight among us n every day life I now got through that..
Life does not mean to be selfish, arrogant on silly situation. Our life becomes complete when we change our negative thinking to positive and always believe in "Yes, I can do it no matters what my complexion is."

we have two different shades like beauty, selfish, kind, truth, false.. but always wining depends on what we kind of behavior we choose and feed..

INDIA- Hopes of Development

As per to latest reports we can easily analyze the rapid growth of Indian GDP rate to 7.9 % in quater march. where the world's largest populated country is declining its GDP. When we come back to field of economic development both the countries are similarly placed in 20th century. But economic reforms that had been taken in 1978 made the country a lead of us. Today China is the second largest economy GDP of about $10 trillion which is almost 5 times of Indian economy according to latest reports.

There is no surprise that current slow down in china had an effect in the country economical investments. From the last seven years the GDP of china has declined.

India currently laid the way of future empowerment with huge development, technological investments and proved to be the home of science, power, talent, hard work. It considered to be as world fastest growing country.

According to latest reports India economy is was not enough to slow down the China. But if the growth of our country would be in the same way then we  can reach the stage as china felt globally in the year 2005. If India GDP rate reaches to two digit then it can be next china in very short time.

A HSBC report says that it tough to India to match china boost time but it could be possible when the government stays on boosting the investments and responsible for economic development.

The pick up in Indian country had led the company and global investors ask whether the country would replace china?, Yes I really hope the day comes true when our country becomes a complete developed country. Japan which is five times shorter than India had laid an interesting and powerful technical home and now it is our time to be the best and prove that we are also best...for any kind of competitions.

Before Parents But even before God

Even  God had been born from a mothers womb.....we always believe in saying :"Behind every successful man there is a woman". Yes, it is absolutely correct not only in just sayings, but also in activities......................

If S(he) isn't there
We don't know a word;
And if S(he) is here
We will win the whole world.
                  Her (his) place is after parents
                  and even before divinity
                  S(he) struggles with her (his) talents
                  to make society a high quality

S (he) has patience with
and take lot of pains;
S (he) mixes up with
to give us gains
                    S (he) doesn't live for loaves and fishes
                    Her (his) heart is in the right place;
                    S (he) works hard both at home and in classes
                    Oh!! What a domination role S (he) plays.
S (he) is amazing
S (he) is unusual
S (he) is more than super natural being
S (he) is forever cheerful


I still remember the day when I entered my classroom, quite scared as I was stepping into the classroom where everyone are unknown. My journey in Little Flower Girls high School began in 2004 and has been memorable since then.

The school has not only opened new doors but taught me how to glide through  the journey of life by making me not only a student but making me composed, sensitive, pensive and responsible human being. LFVM is a wonderful place to discover oneself as an All Rounder, a school that epitomizes education as an melange of a academic and co-curricular activities and a school that is always buzzing  with activities.

When I think back about the course of my life and the direction it has taken , considering all the aspects that have influenced me, LFVM  is the most memorable time where the foundation was laid for my good  life. and good career.

Every segment of my school had its own heartbeat, sense of humor, struggles and shared stories, After spending over 7 years with in incredible group of people, it's now tough to realize we'll never be together in the exact same way again.

I have seen myself growing consistently  even after my school life. My transition was facilitated by the myriad life lessons i have learned from those special teachers. Honestly, it would be hard to narrow it down to a single person. My heart filled with gratitude to Mathematics and English Teachers for inspiring, motivating and encouraging me, as they remained my favorite subjects till today!
In my opinion, my school helped students grow into good people, well rounded, critical thinkers who love to learn!!! especially I can proudly say I am a better person because of "LFVM".